Eclipse Phase: Anathema

Continuity: Log 1. Awakening

Log 1.

  • Tobias and Rigel awaken in the Kepler med bay with no memories of the last two weeks. A hacked doctor bot plays a message from Hans. “Welcome online. AI server HQK01 … HQK– … K– … K01 has suffered combat damage and requires <static> immediate repair. Please report to the <static> Operations Module to render immediate repairs. Disable all wireless freq– … freq– … frequencies and <static>. Repeat, do not use radio frequencies under any circumstances. Treat all wireless-enabled devices as compromised.”
  • Rigel and Tobias turn off their wireless coms and the group splits up to search for the rest of the crew.
  • Tobias finds him self a thermal gown in the med bay to keep him self warm (its basically a cross between a onesie and a hospital gown.) Hey then heads into the Science modual where he hears some thing moving around when he reaches the airlock. He tries to surprise the “intruder” by quickly flying into the room, he ends up running into a mass of organic spurs growing out of a desk top cornicopia machine. One of the spurs slashes across his back, leaving a gash.
  • Tobias finds a Mobile Lab (a suit case with a suite of scanners and other equipmant for performing studies and taking samples) which he uses to take a sample of the organic mass. A spider like growth begins to rise out of the bio mass and Tobias responds by getting out of the Science modual and locking the airlock behind him.
  • Rigel heads to the living quarters. On the way he stops at the Recreation Modual where he hears sound coming from the bar. He opens to the door to find Jerry the bar tender servitor. Rigel is relieved and asks about the current whereabouts of the crew. Jerry attacks him with a blow torch. In the following scuffle Rigel gets ahold of a glue gun from an emergency cabinet which is destroyed when Jerry shooves a blow torch through it. Rigel then proceeds to glue the servitors arms and pelvice. He then shoves jerry into a VR pod room and locks the door with the remaining glue in the gun.
  • Rigel proceeds into the living quarters where he finds a gun stashed in Grits personal locker after doing a T Ray scan of the room.
  • Rigel and Tobias meet outside the medbay in the hall surrounding the Greenhouse sphere. The two notice that the air is slowly being drained from the station in the direction of the Machine shop.
  • The group head to the operations modual to see if they can acess life support and other systems to see why the air is being drained. They find that the airlock to the ops center is magnetically sealed and the hatch to the emergency shut off/manual unlock is welded shut.
  • The group heads to the cargo bay and find an servitor standing guard with a bolt gun. Tobias rushes the mech to grab his gun. Rigel positions him self to take a shot with the light pistol he aquired in grits quarters and knocks out the servitor with a burst shot to the head. Tobias manages to grab ahold of the bolt gun and grab on to some thing before he’s pulled into the machine shop by the rush of escaping air.
  • Rigel and Tobias position them selves at the end of the cargo modual airlock and see an automech in the machine shop that is busy welding a steel frame into an external airlock of the station. The rush of air threatens to pull Tobias into space, Rigel on the other hand has magnetic pads on his feet that allow him to stick to the walls.
  • Session ends.



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