Eclipse Phase: Anathema

Continuity: Log 2. Infection

  • Grit awakens, having suffered a late resleaving compared to Rigel and Tobias. He heads off to find his room in the living quarters modual. On the way his muse detects an intrusion attempt on his mesh inserts. He responds by shutting down his radio transmitter and continues on.
  • In his quarters he finds warm clothing and also discovers his gun missing. He hears a gun shot coming from the cargo madual.
  • Grit arrives to find Tobias and Rigel holding on for dear life along the edges of the access hatch to the machine shop.
  • Tobias appraises Grit of the groups situation while Rigel takes care of the open airlock.
  • Rigel heads into the machine shop, moving carefully along the walls. He searches for any tools he can use and finds a spindle climber in a locker. He uses the spindle climber to latch him self to the wall directly opposite of the open airlock, holding on like a spider on a web in the middle of the machine shop. He takes a moment to align him self into position and then allows him self to be pulled into the open airlock by the rush of air while still holding on to the spindle as a safety line. He slams into the automech, throwing it into the black of space.
  • With the automech delt with Rigel yells to Grit and Tobias to close the cargo hatch and leave him to repair the machine shop airlock. Grit and Tobias abide. Rigel spends the next hour clearing away the steel frame that the automech had been welding.
  • Tobias and Grit arm them selves with bolt guns that they find in the cargo bay and head off to the ops center hatch where they use a welder to open the emergency release access hatch. After releasing the doors magnetic locks they push the door open and find another automech inside. two well aimed shots with bolt guns put the bot down.
  • Inside the ops center the group finds Hans, the stations AGI, who speaks to them through text on one of the computer screens.
  • Grit talks to Hans to try and get a read on what is going on. He figures out that a message had been sent to the station carrying a large data packet and also notices that Hans is acting strange. Hans tries to convince Grit and Tobias that the air on the vessel is infected and must be purged.
  • Tobias with his medical expertise and equipment, figure out that Hans’s claim is impossible. Hans refuses to believe them,



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