Eclipse Phase: Anathema

Prequel: Anathema

“This isn’t the end of the world… but you can see it from here.”
- Eliza Cassan, Dues Ex: Human Revolution

Evacuation of Sacramento

Log 1.

  • Player Characters: Gremlin, Aye, William, Wang, Dr. Krovak
  • Our heroes wake up inside a crashed shuttle in the middle of Highway I 80 on the south end of Neo Sacramento.
  • They wake up with amnesia and vague memories of what was going on and where they were going.
  • There are other people on the shuttle, PC’s quickly figure out that they are trapped in simulspace.
  • Gremlin hacks into the simulspace, finds one of the unconscious passengers aboard the shuttle and then forcefully expunges him (a hypercorp executive) out of the simulation. Afterwords the admin locks Gremlin out of the system.
  • A synthmorph that identifies him self as Dr. Krovak joins the group after waking up on the high way.
  • A group of 3 aerial machines wielding buzz saws are dispatched to attack the party.
  • The machines are eliminated. Gremlin hacks two vehicles during the course of the fight and uses them to smash two of the drones. (He had ungodly good luck on his attack roles). The third is shot up by William.
  • Aye and William cut out the hard drive of one of the aerial drones and Wang with the help of the hypercorp exec loads two passengers into hijacked vehicles. (A little girl and a female scientist) The Hypercorp exec identifies him self as Nathan.
  • The group makes a hasty escape when they notice a large ground vehicles speeding down the high way towards them.

Log 2.


  • The group races down the high way with the invisible vehicle following behind them which they discover to be a legged tank (HAWP 2-308) after Wang takes a shot at it.
  • Dr. Krovak hails the vehicle and gets a haunting response back, the pilot asks the group to pull over to the side of the road for uploading to the TITAN network.
  • A few miles down the road the tank shoots out the wheels of Wang’s, Gremlins and Dr. Krovaks vehicle. William’s vehicle takes damage when he smashes inside into debris.
  • The group decides to abandon the vehicles and try to escape via maintenance stairs on the side of the layered high way.
  • Gremlin’s and Wong park their vehicle by the maintenance stairs; William hits a piece of debris and his vehicle flips it over. No one is seriously injured from the crash.
  • Tank opens up with machine guns on the fleeing group using suppressive fire to keep the group huddled behind vehicles. Wong shoots out the lock on gate to the maintenance stairs. Afterwords Gremlin tries to make a dash for the maintenance access but is hit by gun fire, he loses consciousness and rolls down the stairs.
  • When the gun fire stops the group rushes towards the maintenance access, carrying their unconscious passengers.
  • The tank opens up and a pilot jumps out, a synthmorph with the appearance of a fair skinned woman wearing some form of moving liquid armor. She spawns a pair of long bladed claws and charges at the group. Wong engages her in melee.
  • On the second layer of the highway the team finds an armored car with a mounted rail machine gun. William mounts the gun while the rest of the group pile into the vehicle.
  • Wong manages to escape the black suited synthmorph and William opens fire with the machine gun. The group then escapes.
  • The group makes their way to the Sacramento Executive Space Port. Along the way the group notices vast numbers of headless corpses and buzz saw wielding machines. The machines seem to ignore the group and continue with their grizzly task of collecting heads. Some of the machines follow the group.
  • The group arrives at the airport and find it guarded by a platoon of mercenaries. The mercs tell the group to get lost unless they can give them something of value.
  • Nathan tells the group that he has a case of money in his loft at the Green Haven Hotel complex that should be enough to bribe the mercs. The group heads off to the Green Haven Hotel complex to get the money.

Log 3.




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