Niki's personal bodyguard and babysitter


Jokingly referred to by Niki as “Dallas,” Rodriguez is a hired thug that works for Niki’s father an enforcer who has been assigned to protect Niki and make sure she doesn’t get into anything over her head that could hurt the family reputation. Rodriguez is aware of Firewall’s existence but is not a sentinel. He works with Firewall to keep Niki safe, and regularly receives Phsycosurgery to erase memories of Firewall ops and anything that can be a potential security risk to the organization.

To aid in his purpose Rodriguez prefers mechanical morphs as they don’t need to take care of biological needs and don’t feel pain.

Rodriguez takes his job seriously and will go to great lengths to keep Niki safe, often arguing with her about the merits of her risky decisions. But at his core he is a soldier and follows orders to the letter. His motivation for following Niki is unclear citing that he owes her father a great debt.

Rodriguez struggles with a minor narco algorithm addiction which supposedly helps him relax on his off hours. Under the influence he is crass and often speak the first thing that comes to his mind.



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