Europan Mesh Inserts


Cost: Moderate


These Mesh Inserts have been specially modified to operate in the aquatic environment of Europa, where the signal scattering effects of the subsurface ocean block almost all conventional communication devices. Instead of depending on direct radio communication these inserts are designed to include a dedicated, non-programmable nano hive that releases a cloud of radio transmitters in its wake. Through these transmitters the owner is able to piggyback his signal along the swarm back to a connection hub such as one of the many wired routers that dot the subsurface ice. Although the nano machines the hive releases are specifically designed the be as stable in a body of water as possible, due to the tidal forces that are prevalent under the Europan ice a connection swarm will only remain viable for approximately a month. After this time the nano machines that make up the swarm quickly begin to lose shape and power and any connection is severed. If for any reason the owner of these Inserts is unable to produce a swarm cloud and is then moved (such as being placed in a secure container and being released away from civilization) these Inserts are effectively useless until they are again able to connect to the Mesh proper by either encountering a swarm cloud left by passers-by or by finding a wired hub, both unlikely events provided the size of the Europan subsurface oceans.

Europan Mesh Inserts

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