HAWP 2-308

Heavy Armored Weapons Platform


The HAWP 2-308 is a massive hexapedal super heavy multiped tank used for long ranger fire support during combat operations. This vaguely arachnoid walker is 9.5 meters in length with a segmented body that resembles an insect, having a head and abdomen. It has six pairs of 7 meter long arms/legs capable of rotating around the axis of the body. An inovative built in pneumatic system allows this 95 ton vehicle to make small leaps. The legs end with manipulator claws that can be switched out with mini wheels for skating movement. Two pairs of massive manipulator arms with integral miniguns at the front allow for closer handling of objects and suppressive fire over large areas.

  • Passenger capacity: 1-4
    - Pilot – Gunner – Communications/Cyber Warfare – Commander
  • Handling: +10
  • Movement rate: 8/32
  • Max velocity: 30/60/90 kph
  • Armor: 35/35
  • Durability: 175
  • Wound Threshold: 35
  • Features: 360 Degree Vision, LIDAR, RADAR, X Ray Emitter, Radiation Sense, Chem Sniffer, Nano Detector, Nano Hive (Guardian Swarm), Military Grade Firewall, Chameleon Skin, Extra Limbs (6), Pneumatic Limbs, Saucer Bot (x2)
  • Mobility Systems: Walker, Wheeled
  • Weapons:
    - Minigun: x2 (Skill Gunnery) AP -12, DV 3d10+16, Mode BF/FA, Ammo 4500
    - Seeker Cannon: (Skill Gunnery) Mode SS, Ammo 45, Special: Range is Doubled SR 5-600, MR 600-2000, LR 2000-6000, ER 6000-20,000
    Note: Typically pre-loaded with 45 HEAP Missiles.
    - HEAP Missile: AP -8, DV 3d10+12, Armor Used to Resist: Kenetic

The HAWP 2-308 was built for ground combat and used as a main armored battle platform by many Pre-Fall Earth armies. Even before the fall it was severely outdated having been in use for nearly 40 years. Many militaries brought these weapons out of surplus storage when many conventional weapons were subverted by the TITANs.

10 years after the Fall the HAWP 2-308 is obsolete and no longer in service, although working models found in the Martian Quarantine Zone can fetch a very high price from collectors on the black market.

HAWP 2-308

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