High Offense Piloted Local Insertion Tactical Exoframe


HOPLITE (High Offense Piloted Local Insertion Tactical Exoframe) mechanized infantry was ubiquitous among many pre-Fall military organizations due to the firepower, tactical flexibility, and the profound impact these battlesuits provided. The HOPLITE Mk.33 can be fitted with a number of different load outs for different situations and environments ranging from orbital combat to counter TITAN operations.

The HOPLITE Mk.33 features a military-grade fullerene armor shell with flexible aerogel for thermal insulation and a diamond-hardened exterior designed to resist even potent ballistic and energy-based weapons. The suit also enhances the wearer’s strength and mobility, applying a +10 bonus to strength-based tests, inflicting an extra +1d10 damage and AP of –2 on melee attacks, and doubling the distance by which the character may jump.

The HOPLITE Mk.33 is completely sealed to protect the wearer from environmental factors and temperatures from –175 to 140 C. It’s interior helmet is equipped with an ecto (Core Rulebook p. 325), a radio booster (Core Rulebook p. 314), and sensors equal to specs (p. 326). They are fitted with life support features and a maker (Core Rulebook p. 328) capable of recycling all wastes and producing air for up to 48 hours and food and water indefinitely. Occupants may only wear this armor with an Armor rating (Energy or Kinetic) of 13 or less; this worn armor is cumulative without layering penalties. [credit cost: 30,000.00]

  • Passenger capacity: 1
  • Handling: -
  • Movement rate: 8/32
  • Max velocity: 30 kph
  • Armor: 21/21
  • Durability: 70
  • Wound Threshold: 14
  • Death Rating: 140
  • Features: 360-Degree Visions, Nano Detector, Guardian Nanoswarm, Micrograv Shoes, Tactical Network Software, Vacuum Sealing, Ecto, Radio Booster, Specs, Maker
  • Mobility Systems: Thrust Vector, Walker
  • Standard Weapon Loadout
  • Unarmed: AP –2, DV 2d10 + 2
  • HOPLITE Railgun: AP –14, DV 4d10+8, Mode SA/BF/FA, Ammo 90, with Gyrostabilizers, Smartlink, and Underbarrel Seeker
  • HOPLITE Underbarrel Seeker: AP –4, 3d10+6, Mode SA, Ammo 18, with Homing Frag Minimissiles and Smartlink

During the Fall HOPLITEs were prized as one of the few military hardware units not relying on AI. Post-Fall, they are deployed in major military raids, habitat assaults, and field actions against lingering TITAN threats. Some valued military installations and research facilities employ them for defense.


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