Manta Suit

A sleek armored diving suit built for stealth and subtlety, used by researchers in dangerous waters and covert ops teams.


Cost: Expensive
Armor: 6E/6K
- Chameleon Coating: 30 to Stealth checks to avoid detection, nearly invisible when standing still.
- Thermal Dampening: Thermal dampening obfuscates heat signatures by converting body heat into electric energy. It makes the target more difficult to spot with thermal sensors; apply a –30 modifier for Perception Tests.
- Breadcrumb Positioning System: This worn device leaves micro “breadcrumbs” behind as the character moves. These devices interact with mesh inserts (or ectos) as long as they are within range (50 meters), allowing the user to map their position in relation to the breadcrumb trail. This is useful in derelict habitats, wilderness, and other areas where there is no local functioning mesh, and is helpful both for mapping and for finding one’s way back.


These sleek diving suits are used by researchers to study aquatic fauna atop of the vast lithodermic reefs that characterize Europa’s global ocean. Its built in chameleon coating and thermal dampening allows the user to stay hidden from most oceanic predators but lacks any substantial armor against some of the oceans larger predators. The suit also comes with a maker capable of recycling all wastes and producing air for up to 48 hours and food and water indefinitely. Each suit has a retractable helmet that deploys in nearly an instant and contains an ecto, a radio booster, and sonar. The manta suit can protect the wearer from 15 atmospheres worth of hydro static water pressure and temperatures ranging from –175 to 140 C. They can almost instantly seal any hole unless more than 20 points of damage are inflicted at once.

Manta Suit

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