Eclipse Phase: Anathema

Acrimony - Part 2

- “Malik” Cameron
- “Teries” Adam
- “Hyper Gibbon” Sean
Three Firewall agents are Rezed into a simulspace with a board room occupied by two blindingly bright suns and a giant man in a business suit who identifies him self as Proxy Paralax. The team is informed that their cell has been activated and integrated into the Uranus Firewall Server to investigate the loss of a Firewall asset. A cargo shuttle called the Red Cornet has gone silent and is in a decaying orbit around Uranus. The ship is silent and is leaking radiation from its engines. Meanwhile a scum swarm fleet is approaching the vessel. Possibly with the intent of salvaging/pirating the vessel. The team is tasked with retaking the ship, eliminating or containing any threats on board, save the ship, and save any survivors. Furthermore Malik’s back up is brought on board the mission in order to get the chance to discover the fate of his previous self. After receiving deck plan of the Red Cornet and getting more intel, the team completes their upload into their new morphs.

Malik, Hyper Gibbon and Teries wake up on an Extoprian auto-trader station called “U-Store it U-Rent it” where they are greeted by the sight of the blueish green marble shape of Uranus through shuttered windows. The team gets a solid minute to enjoy the sight before they are harassed by a storm of Extropian adware. Teries hacks her own Mesh inserts to remove the plug ins for the adware as the team dons their battle gear and readies their GEV for take off. Hyper Gibbon is a little disappointed for not having a better suit of armor and attempts to shake down one of the vending machines. Seeing that the station is entirely automated and that non sentient AI’s are not very receptive to bartering the team agrees to have Teries “Run the Gibson” and hack one of the vending machines to get a hold of one better suit of armor. After 45 minutes of intense staring at the armor in one of the display cases a claw pops out of a hidden compartment and delivers the suite through a slot in the wall unlike a 90s era soda machine. Teries pushes her luck further and attempts the grab a hold of a flame thrower. Hyper Gibbon and Malik tell her to stop pushing their luck, to which Teries responds with “Its a Flame Thrower, shut up!” This time her luck runs out and station security notices her intrusion. The shutters rapidly close and the vending machines glow red with emergency lights. Metallic footsteps echo from down the hall. Teries, Malik, and Hypergibbon grab their gear and run to the hanger. On the way Teries takes a moment to delay security long enough to allow the team to escape the station. (GMs Note: I can’t believe you guys seriously spent an hour picking your gear and shaking down the vending machines. I hate you guys!)

For the next six hours the team sits in silence inside the cramped quarters of the GEV, waiting patiently. A little silhouette of a small cylindrical ship appears against the blueish green atmosphere of Uranus. The team scans the vessel and finds that it is indeed the Red Cornet. The ship is venting radiation from the engines, and a man sized hole in a forward section of the ship implies that a battle took place inside the vessel. Teries takes her self off the tacnet temporarily and attempts to hail the vessel, the vessel occupants respond with an attempted basilisk hack; Teries manages cut off the transmission in time to prevent any undesirable effects from taking hold of her. The team agrees that a stealthy approach is out of the question, they bring the GEV around to dock with the vessel through the cargo bay and prepare to storm the ship.
The airlock door hisses open, revealing a lightless interior. Teries turns on her helmet flash light, shooting a bright beam of light into a cluttered cargo bay with scattered metal boxes, the air is full of ice particles and frozen shards of blood; and something else… moving at the peripherals. Teries follows the movement and finds a thing fused to the wall. Malik floats forwards into the cargo bay and opens fire with his particle bolter. Teries takes cover and scans the thing for weaknesses, and Hypergibbon grabs on to the railing by the airlock and takes fire. A pair of long glass like tendrils whip out from the thing fused to the wall and lash out at Teries and Hypergibbon. The creature vaguely resembles the torso of a woman, but with glass like translucent skin and flesh fused into metal. Several smaller shard like forms jump off the wall and attack the party. Teries grabs a spare helmet and attempts to capture one of the small glass like forms. Hypergibbon and Malik whip them off and continue peppering the thing on the wall with beam fire. Hypergibbon takes another hit from one of the tendrils, cutting deep into his arm and sending him reeling backwards into the airlock. Malik responds in kind with one last shot to the creatures “head,” putting it down for good. The small glass like arachnid forms seemed to fall apart into free floating dust at the death of the larger creature.

The team take a moment to regain their bearings and decide on their next move. Teries sends a gnat bot to explore the stern end of the ship while Hypergibbon receives medical care from Malik. Teries finds nothing hostile on that end of the ship and notes that the team has thirty minutes to fix the engines before the ship edges dangerously close to the planets atmosphere. Malik quickly gets to work on patching up the engine while Hyper Gibbon and Teries make their way into the forward part of the ship. The pair pass through a hallway with wall mounted grow pots full of space hash. Hypergibbon takes a moment to take some.

Inside the ships habitation cylinder Teries and Hypergibbon find a medical bay with a healing vat covered in unmoving organic glass “growths” similar to the creature fused to the wall of the cargo bay. They note that there is no immediate threat from the growths and look through the ships 6 small coffin quarters. One of them is marked with an emergency lock. Teries knocks on it and receives a knock back. A small slot covering over the tiny window on the door slides open revealing a mechanical dragon fly on the other side. The dragon fly brings a laser communicator up to the window and opens a channel to Teries.

She identifies her self as Jade, a passenger aboard the Red Cornet and points out that the crew is likely dead except for her and the captain, who is unconscious but otherwise okay. Jade quickly recalls that she had hid away for most of her time aboard the ship after escaping the destruction at Kongyun. Svafa, a Firewall agent that had been on the mission at Kongyun, came on to the ship having caught a viral infection of some sort. She had been placed in the suspended animation in the healing vat with the intent to study her. Within a week she had broken out of her chamber and attacked the crew. Jade asks Teries if any of her group had been exposed to the creature on the ship. She looks over to Hypergibbon who begins to panic. Knowing that the Firewall policy for exsurgent infected is to terminate with extreme prejudice, he depressingly agrees to take him self out for the good of the party. Hypergibbon brings a gun to his temple, but can’t bring him self to pull the trigger. Teries points her particle rifle at him but then considers that it could be possible to study him to find out the effects of this exsurgent strain and maybe try to save his current ego with psychosurgery. Hypergibbon agrees, knowing that he only has one week to live.

Elsewhere a fleet of scum ships makes their way toward the Red Cornet…

Acrimony - Part 1


- “Svafa” played by Sean
- “Njal” played by Adam
- “Amal” played by Cameron
- “Chi” played by Leslie

While Visiting the asteroid beehive habitat Kongyùn to pay off a triad mob boss a Firewall sentinel named Chi mysteriously disappeared. Chi’s handler assembled a small team of sentinels to investigate. Including Chi’s resleeved backup who is curious to find out what happened to his prior self.

The group travels to the asteroid via a fast resupply shuttle called the Red Coronet and posed as scrap re sellers. Their deception gets them through customs and the team furthermore manages to smuggle their weapons on to the habitat inside Amal’s mechanical body. But it soon becomes obvious that they are not wanted here.

Kongyùn was once a Fa Jing Hypercorp owned mine but when the rock floated deep into the outer system where harvesting its resources was no longer a viable business investment. The hypercorp abandoned its mining operation in favor of building a mysterious base on the rocks surface as part of a secret project. Meanwhile most of Fa Jing’s mining operation staff left, leaving behind a community of stubborn isolationist Brinkers and salvagers that continue to comb the empty tunnels for scrap and resources. The Firewall team sticks out like a soar thumb among the unwelcoming populace which are quick to distrust all outsiders. A search through the local mesh reveals that the asteroid has a history of strange sightings of “ghosts” in the tunnels and disappearances. Furthermore a look into the deep Mesh reveals a gang presence on board the habitat consisting of a small triad enclave and a local gang called the Confessors. The teams best lead to finding Chi’s whereabouts is Mariposa Chen, the triad mob boss, but they opt to search the mesh security feeds and question the locals first.

Njal runs taps into publicly available security feeds and runs facial recognition software using date given to them by their Firewall handler. He finds a video a Chi leaving a motel with a silver suit case and heading into the tunnels of Kongyùn and using a tram to get to the Fa Jing facility on the other side of the asteroid where he is seen handing the guards at the front gate the suit case. Then he is seen leaving the habitat on the same shuttle he came in. Njal finds evidence of tampering with the security feeds, the video was fake. Implying that some one had attempted to conceal Chi’s activity, but to what purpose? The group logs this info and moves on.

The team finds a blog belonging to local historian named Jade that had spoken to Chi extensive during his visit to Kongyùn. Chi, masked in his fake identity tracks Jade down to a simulspace chat room on the mesh and begins to make inquires about his former self. It doesn’t take long for Chi to discover that his previous self and Jade may have been a little more intimately involved then expected. It is from Jade that Chi had learned about the strange sightings of “ghosts” in the tunnels and other weird happenings, including the disappearances of several people over the years that had gone into the tunnels alone and never returned. None of the people that had disappeared where connected in anyway. Furthermore she revealed that people on Kongyùn some times woke up with traumatic memories that where not their own, leading some to believe that Fa Jing had been preying on the populace for some sort of experiment.

For every Inquiry that Chi had, Jade countered with another question. Chi managed to either evade her questions or weave an elaborate set of lies, which seemed to satisfy her curiosity for now. During the lengthy conversation Njal hacked into simulspace to check its security and found a hidden admin on the network which was not showing up on anywhere. When he tried to figure out the source of the hidden admin the mysterious user disappeared leaving no traces behind. Njal alerted the group and maintained careful watch over the teams Tacnet for any possible intrusions.

In a surprising stroke of inspiration Njal (Adam you son of a bitch I still can’t believe you pulled this off you piece of shit!!! XD) decided to risk the teams operational security to get more information out of Jade and insure her future compliance. Njal took on Chi’s online persona and logged into the Mesh as Chi, picking a random simulspace chat room to appear in. It didn’t take long for people to notice a dead man on the net that had recently disappeared. Following the attention Jade rezed in and tackled Njal, launching a million questions. The Firewall team managed to recruit jade to help them find Chi’s prior self after selling her on the story that he had lost his memories and was attempting to retrace his steps after taking too many drugs and partying a little too hard. Jade reveals that she had searched lead an effort to try and find Chi and showed the group a map of the tunnels that she had searched. As the conversation goes deeper Jade catches on to the fact that Chi wasn’t everything that he had lead her to believe. Njal let her in that he was part of a secret group and was on a less then legal mission and that her association with him may put her in danger. Jade barely manages to keep calm at this revelation, but Njal and the real Chi assure her that they can protect her if the worst comes to pass. The Firewall team gives Jade instructions to head to their ship if things turn ugly and promise to return if any new information comes up.

Next the team heads off to meet Mariposa Chen the triad mob boss that operates out of a clinic. Svafa steps forward to negotiate and reveals her self as a member of the Titanian Science Police. The mobsters lower their guard when Svafa reveals that she is after Chi. The two manage to come to a quid qo pro agreement and Mariposa gives the team a map of areas that she had searched in the asteroid tunnels, giving a team a fairly solid idea of where he may have gone.

Next the team heads off to investigate the motel where Chi had been seen. They are confronted by a group of armed men in the motel lobby. The leader of the group identifies him self as Bves the leader of the Confessors gang. Both groups exchange insults and move on, but not before Njal tags the Bves with a Gnat drone, giving the group an ants eye view of everywhere the gang leader went.


At the motel the Firewall team breaks into Chi’s room by hacking the door and find that it had been cleaned out. Svafa does some forensics analysis and discovers that any evidence of Chi’s presence had been either cleaned up by nano machines or he was never there. The motel security feeds say otherwise. While the team searches the motel Njal dives deeper into the Mesh and discovers that at some point in the past the habitat had a violent episode of riots which had been suppressed by Fa Jing security forces. In addition there was a major system wide crash on the Mesh caused by an unknown source. In an attempt to try and piece together data fragments from old records he discovers evidence of a Basalisk Hack, confirming a possible TITAN presence on Kongyùn.

Having exhausted all their leads in the habitat the teams final step is to check the hidden Firewall stash that was mentioned by their Firewall handler in the briefing. The team heads on into the asteroid tunnels to the location and find a small space with a regenerating rock wall created by a small nano hive. Inside the scratch space the team finds an arachnoid morph, weapons, and a silver suit case. Inside the suit case the team find an single use industrial grade nano dissembler. Slapping one of these bad boys down would generate a temporary grey goo of nano machines that would rapidly devour an area the size of an office building unless carefully instructed with a directive. The team carries with them the spare morph and the suit case hoping they wouldn’t have to use it.

As the group travels further into the tunnels Njal notices something of grave concern coming from his Gnat drone. A room full of heavily armed Confessor gangsters preparing to hunt the party down with the intent of stopping them from finding the “truth.” Njal hacks into a monitor in the room the Confessors are in spawns an image of Mariposa Chen. Although highly unlikely (Seriously Adam? 10 percent chance to succeed and you roll a 9? You broke the game) He uses her likeness to sow deception among the Confessors, claiming that they had betrayed her agreement with them to keep out of their respective businesses. Njal cut the link and the party continues forward. Before the team gets out of range of the habitat mesh, reports of a fire fight between the Triad and the Confessors begins flooding the local news network.

Hours later the group discovers a closed off tunnel marked by large Bio Hazard emblems, this area is not marked on any of there maps. Moving inside they find what seemed like a dead end, but a scan reveals another tunnel on the other side. The group breaks apart the tunnel and discover a frozen corpse on the other end. Its Chi’s back up. A quick investigation of the body reveals that he had been killed by gun shot and the cortical stack had been slagged. Further down the tunnel the team can see a eerie blue glow coming from a larger chamber.

The team proceeds forward and finds a vast cavern with oddly carved walls with seemingly organic spirals and curves carved into regolith walls. In the center of the room is a gathering of blueish fog which seemed to move unnaturally around a large floating crystal structure. The team in unison agree that the object must be destroyed.

As if sensing their intent the walls behind the Firewall team spring to live and block their exist. Parts of the fog move together and solidify, forming a giant transparent tendril which seemed to shimmer like a mirage. The massive tendril whips forward and the team scatters in different directions to dodge it. Amal provides covering fire for the team while they try to clear the wall blocking their path out. Meanwhile Njal creates a fork of him self and downloads it into the spare arachnoid morph. He grabs a hold of the industrial disassembler from the suit case and kicks off the wall in the direction of the giant crystal structure.

The fog generates another arm after the first one is shattered by Amal and artifact resumes its attack on the Firewall team. Its second volley of attacks this time meet their mark and Svafa is struck by the tendril, which seemingly passes through her suit as if nothing is there. When the arm slides out, Svafa is missing her eyes and passes out from the pain. Meanwhile Chi manages to cut an exit out of the chamber and kicks the wall out of the way. Amal grabs Svafa’s floating unconscious body and follows the party out the door. Elsewhere Njal fork cuts through the fog and lands on the crystal objects surface. The strange iridescent stone beneath him flashes in a bizarre array of color. For a brief moment he is tempted to give in and surrender to the TITAN artifact. (failing this roll would have cost the party this entire adventure) He resists, plants the disassembler and slams the “On” button. The disassembler rapidly consumes him along with the artifact, eating matter and using it to create more nano machines.

As the surviving team members make their way back the way they came a massive shock wave ripples through the asteroid, nearly ripping the 10 kilometer rock in half. When the team reaches the habitat they discover the colony in chaos. The take this time to quietly slip back on to the Red Coronet and leave.

The Red Coronet was last seen heading into orbit around Uranus. The ship is strangely silent…

Continuity: Log 6. Escape


Continuity: Log 5. Exsurgents


Continuity: Log 4. Invasion


Continuity: Log 3. Research


Continuity: Log 2. Infection
  • Grit awakens, having suffered a late resleaving compared to Rigel and Tobias. He heads off to find his room in the living quarters modual. On the way his muse detects an intrusion attempt on his mesh inserts. He responds by shutting down his radio transmitter and continues on.
  • In his quarters he finds warm clothing and also discovers his gun missing. He hears a gun shot coming from the cargo madual.
  • Grit arrives to find Tobias and Rigel holding on for dear life along the edges of the access hatch to the machine shop.
  • Tobias appraises Grit of the groups situation while Rigel takes care of the open airlock.
  • Rigel heads into the machine shop, moving carefully along the walls. He searches for any tools he can use and finds a spindle climber in a locker. He uses the spindle climber to latch him self to the wall directly opposite of the open airlock, holding on like a spider on a web in the middle of the machine shop. He takes a moment to align him self into position and then allows him self to be pulled into the open airlock by the rush of air while still holding on to the spindle as a safety line. He slams into the automech, throwing it into the black of space.
  • With the automech delt with Rigel yells to Grit and Tobias to close the cargo hatch and leave him to repair the machine shop airlock. Grit and Tobias abide. Rigel spends the next hour clearing away the steel frame that the automech had been welding.
  • Tobias and Grit arm them selves with bolt guns that they find in the cargo bay and head off to the ops center hatch where they use a welder to open the emergency release access hatch. After releasing the doors magnetic locks they push the door open and find another automech inside. two well aimed shots with bolt guns put the bot down.
  • Inside the ops center the group finds Hans, the stations AGI, who speaks to them through text on one of the computer screens.
  • Grit talks to Hans to try and get a read on what is going on. He figures out that a message had been sent to the station carrying a large data packet and also notices that Hans is acting strange. Hans tries to convince Grit and Tobias that the air on the vessel is infected and must be purged.
  • Tobias with his medical expertise and equipment, figure out that Hans’s claim is impossible. Hans refuses to believe them,
Continuity: Log 1. Awakening

Log 1.

  • Tobias and Rigel awaken in the Kepler med bay with no memories of the last two weeks. A hacked doctor bot plays a message from Hans. “Welcome online. AI server HQK01 … HQK– … K– … K01 has suffered combat damage and requires <static> immediate repair. Please report to the <static> Operations Module to render immediate repairs. Disable all wireless freq– … freq– … frequencies and <static>. Repeat, do not use radio frequencies under any circumstances. Treat all wireless-enabled devices as compromised.”
  • Rigel and Tobias turn off their wireless coms and the group splits up to search for the rest of the crew.
  • Tobias finds him self a thermal gown in the med bay to keep him self warm (its basically a cross between a onesie and a hospital gown.) Hey then heads into the Science modual where he hears some thing moving around when he reaches the airlock. He tries to surprise the “intruder” by quickly flying into the room, he ends up running into a mass of organic spurs growing out of a desk top cornicopia machine. One of the spurs slashes across his back, leaving a gash.
  • Tobias finds a Mobile Lab (a suit case with a suite of scanners and other equipmant for performing studies and taking samples) which he uses to take a sample of the organic mass. A spider like growth begins to rise out of the bio mass and Tobias responds by getting out of the Science modual and locking the airlock behind him.
  • Rigel heads to the living quarters. On the way he stops at the Recreation Modual where he hears sound coming from the bar. He opens to the door to find Jerry the bar tender servitor. Rigel is relieved and asks about the current whereabouts of the crew. Jerry attacks him with a blow torch. In the following scuffle Rigel gets ahold of a glue gun from an emergency cabinet which is destroyed when Jerry shooves a blow torch through it. Rigel then proceeds to glue the servitors arms and pelvice. He then shoves jerry into a VR pod room and locks the door with the remaining glue in the gun.
  • Rigel proceeds into the living quarters where he finds a gun stashed in Grits personal locker after doing a T Ray scan of the room.
  • Rigel and Tobias meet outside the medbay in the hall surrounding the Greenhouse sphere. The two notice that the air is slowly being drained from the station in the direction of the Machine shop.
  • The group head to the operations modual to see if they can acess life support and other systems to see why the air is being drained. They find that the airlock to the ops center is magnetically sealed and the hatch to the emergency shut off/manual unlock is welded shut.
  • The group heads to the cargo bay and find an servitor standing guard with a bolt gun. Tobias rushes the mech to grab his gun. Rigel positions him self to take a shot with the light pistol he aquired in grits quarters and knocks out the servitor with a burst shot to the head. Tobias manages to grab ahold of the bolt gun and grab on to some thing before he’s pulled into the machine shop by the rush of escaping air.
  • Rigel and Tobias position them selves at the end of the cargo modual airlock and see an automech in the machine shop that is busy welding a steel frame into an external airlock of the station. The rush of air threatens to pull Tobias into space, Rigel on the other hand has magnetic pads on his feet that allow him to stick to the walls.
  • Session ends.
One shot: Volantis



Prequel: Anathema

“This isn’t the end of the world… but you can see it from here.”
- Eliza Cassan, Dues Ex: Human Revolution

Evacuation of Sacramento

Log 1.

  • Player Characters: Gremlin, Aye, William, Wang, Dr. Krovak
  • Our heroes wake up inside a crashed shuttle in the middle of Highway I 80 on the south end of Neo Sacramento.
  • They wake up with amnesia and vague memories of what was going on and where they were going.
  • There are other people on the shuttle, PC’s quickly figure out that they are trapped in simulspace.
  • Gremlin hacks into the simulspace, finds one of the unconscious passengers aboard the shuttle and then forcefully expunges him (a hypercorp executive) out of the simulation. Afterwords the admin locks Gremlin out of the system.
  • A synthmorph that identifies him self as Dr. Krovak joins the group after waking up on the high way.
  • A group of 3 aerial machines wielding buzz saws are dispatched to attack the party.
  • The machines are eliminated. Gremlin hacks two vehicles during the course of the fight and uses them to smash two of the drones. (He had ungodly good luck on his attack roles). The third is shot up by William.
  • Aye and William cut out the hard drive of one of the aerial drones and Wang with the help of the hypercorp exec loads two passengers into hijacked vehicles. (A little girl and a female scientist) The Hypercorp exec identifies him self as Nathan.
  • The group makes a hasty escape when they notice a large ground vehicles speeding down the high way towards them.

Log 2.


  • The group races down the high way with the invisible vehicle following behind them which they discover to be a legged tank (HAWP 2-308) after Wang takes a shot at it.
  • Dr. Krovak hails the vehicle and gets a haunting response back, the pilot asks the group to pull over to the side of the road for uploading to the TITAN network.
  • A few miles down the road the tank shoots out the wheels of Wang’s, Gremlins and Dr. Krovaks vehicle. William’s vehicle takes damage when he smashes inside into debris.
  • The group decides to abandon the vehicles and try to escape via maintenance stairs on the side of the layered high way.
  • Gremlin’s and Wong park their vehicle by the maintenance stairs; William hits a piece of debris and his vehicle flips it over. No one is seriously injured from the crash.
  • Tank opens up with machine guns on the fleeing group using suppressive fire to keep the group huddled behind vehicles. Wong shoots out the lock on gate to the maintenance stairs. Afterwords Gremlin tries to make a dash for the maintenance access but is hit by gun fire, he loses consciousness and rolls down the stairs.
  • When the gun fire stops the group rushes towards the maintenance access, carrying their unconscious passengers.
  • The tank opens up and a pilot jumps out, a synthmorph with the appearance of a fair skinned woman wearing some form of moving liquid armor. She spawns a pair of long bladed claws and charges at the group. Wong engages her in melee.
  • On the second layer of the highway the team finds an armored car with a mounted rail machine gun. William mounts the gun while the rest of the group pile into the vehicle.
  • Wong manages to escape the black suited synthmorph and William opens fire with the machine gun. The group then escapes.
  • The group makes their way to the Sacramento Executive Space Port. Along the way the group notices vast numbers of headless corpses and buzz saw wielding machines. The machines seem to ignore the group and continue with their grizzly task of collecting heads. Some of the machines follow the group.
  • The group arrives at the airport and find it guarded by a platoon of mercenaries. The mercs tell the group to get lost unless they can give them something of value.
  • Nathan tells the group that he has a case of money in his loft at the Green Haven Hotel complex that should be enough to bribe the mercs. The group heads off to the Green Haven Hotel complex to get the money.

Log 3.



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