House Rules

Character Creation

  • Morphs/Gear ect… that are not found in any of the published materials are forbidden.
  • You cannot use a highly specialized morph as your main/preferred body. (Example: you can’t start as a Surya morph in a game that starts on Mars.

Prequel Character Creation

  • Everyone starts the game in their original morphs, these morphs will not cost any CP. You will still spend points on the body you want though. You will acquire your desired morph at the conclusion of the prequel.
    - Human = Splicer morph
    - Uplift = Uplift morph of your chosen animal.
    - AGI = Synth morph
  • Everyone starts with no weapons or ammo. (trust me on this one) But other items, like nano machines (including disassemblers), drones, Software, Implants ect…

Armor and Weapons

  • Weapons can have a variety of modifications and there are no restrictions on how many mods you can add as long as it makes sense. (Example: You can’t have more then one underbarrel seeker launcher on your automatic rifle) Talk to your GM.
  • Armor is limited to only 2 modifications with the exception of ablative patches. There is only so many physical layers you can add on to a suit of armor before the layers begin to cover over each other.


  • Most weapons, armor, and items in Eclipse Phase are made from extremely light weight materials. Weight isn’t an issue but physical space is. As long as your character has space on their morph they can carry the item.
  • Carrying several large items will incur penalties to physical actions as these items can get in the way. (Example: Carrying a plasma rifle, a seeker launcher, and a sniper rifle all on your back is going to make it really hard to free run through a cluttered habitat.)
  • this rule applies to all items, although I don’t expect you to write down the location and contents of every single pocket you have. I expect that most of your would carry small tools in a simple nap sack.
  • When it comes to weapons, Ideally you will be allowed to carry one rifle sized weapon on your back, one SMG sized weapon on your lower back/waist, and two pistol sized weapons strapped to your thighs without penalty. This is assuming that you are sleeved in an average sized humanoid morph. Smaller morphs are very limited in how many weapons they can carry, and morphs will multiple arms can carry several weapons attached to their limbs.


  • Movement in the game is handled in meters. Most characters can walk at 4 meters and run at 20. To make things easier when using the hexagon grid map we will have 1 space for 2 meters. That’s about 6 feet per space. 2 spaces for waking and 10 for when you run.
  • Speed changes depending on gravity.
    - Lower gravity: 3 spaces for walking, 15 for running.
    - High gravity: 1 space for walking, 5 for running.
  • Combat and movement in Micro/zero gravity will be handled cinematically, with the free fall skill determining movement speed and accuracy of your movements.

House Rules

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